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“The Wandering Hinjew” is a book that started out as an autobiographical gift to my two adult sons. Initially it was to be a memoir that I hoped would allow them to better understand their parents. It was also intended to help them get a different perspective on their own childhood experiences. However as I continued to write, the story expanded to include many other themes.

If you can relate to your own spiritual struggle to experience a meaningful relationship with something greater than yourself, or the challenges that are inherent in a marriage, you may find some value in my story. If you can relate to a sense of shame about who you believe you are, you will find much to relate to. If travel and other cultures are of interest, there is much to see and learn about. And if you can also relate to the devastating effects of sexual abuse, then my story will probably be something that resonates within your core.

This site is  a growing resource to supplement my book. In the following pages you will find articles that further expand some of the topics covered in the book. You will also find additional photographs that are not in the book.

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